What is BenefitsPal™?

A program that can help fill the gap in your family’s current benefits, giving you instant savings and immediate access to a range of services from thousands of providers nationwide. Just one membership gets you multiple products for you and your immediate family. BenefitsPal saves time, and reduces your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Everyone is approved — no wait, no restrictions
  • Use as often as you need — there are no limits
  • Start using it immediately — anywhere, any time
  • Cancel anytime — no contracts

How Does BenefitsPal Work?

It’s simple. In just three steps, you can enjoy the savings and peace of mind BenefitsPal provides:
Step 1: Select your package and complete registration. (No health restrictions!)
Step 2: Receive your exclusive BenefitsPal membership kit in the mail.
Step 3: Start using your benefits immediately.

After you submit your application (don’t worry, there are no health restrictions), you will receive your exclusive BenefitsPal membership kit, and you may begin using your benefits as soon as you receive it. Your BenefitsPal Membership Kit will come with an explanation of available services and savings opportunities. For more detailed program information, log into MyMemberPortal.com, or email BenefitsPal customer service at benefits@benefitspal.com.

The Benefits

BenefitsPal™ is an indispensable, no-contract service that is available to use with or without insurance. It offers easy access to doctors and nurses, discounts on a range of vision and dental services, prescription drug savings, legal advice and much more.

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Packages Starting At

  • HealthPal

  • HealthPal Premier

  • LifePal

    $16.95/mo | $24.95/mo
    Individual Family
  • BenefitsPal Premier

    $31.90/mo | $39.90/mo
    Individual Family
  • BenefitsPal Prime

    $36.90/mo | $44.90/mo
    Individual Family
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Experience life to its fullest knowing BenefitsPalTM is by your side.